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How To Know When A Tree Needs To Be Cut Down

    An unhealthy tree might not appear to be a hazard. Once an arborist determines that a tree is in failing health or no longer living, you might have to cut it down, even if the trunk isn’t leaning or there are no hanging branches. It’s important to note that the signs on this […]

How Do You Save Money On Tree Removal?

If a tree on your property poses a threat to your property or is dying or already dead, removing it could be the right solution. Whether the removal works with your budget is another story! Even if you have to work on limited funds, you can still get top-quality services. Here’s how you can save […]

What Happens To All That Wood After A Tree Removal?

You might see the Brockley Tree team cut down a dead or dying tree and wonder what happens next. We can confidently say that the life of wood doesn’t end when we or a municipal team removes a tree! While it’s always a shame when a tree has to come down, Londoners make the most […]

What Is Illegal Tree Cutting, And Why Does It Happen?

Forest conservation by-laws have been on the books in our province for over 50 years. Most municipalities pass these laws to prevent the destruction of mature trees that are important to the health of the environment, leading many to call the by-laws “tree cutting laws.”

How Does Tree Topping Hurt Trees?

When a tree gets too tall, a homeowner’s first instinct may be to have a local tree service lop a bit off the top. Most people refer to it as tree topping, though the job goes by a few names: heading, tipping, hat-racking, rounding over, etc.

What Is Forest Gardening?

Forests are resilient ecosystems, and this makes them ideal areas in which to cultivate and harvest food. An age-old tactic is forest gardening, in which the planter works in or even recreates the ecosystem of forested areas to grow an abundance of food, working with nature rather than clearing out the trees. 

How Do You Determine The Quality Of Firewood?

While the Brockley Tree Service team will do everything in our power to save your trees, some will simply live out their lives and, eventually, get turned into fuel. You can turn dead trees on your property into firewood, and many businesses across London sell it. But how can you tell what “good” firewood is […]

The Four Methods of Soil Conservation

Trees are an essential part of agriculture, and we’re not just talking about fruit trees: all types of deciduous and coniferous trees can protect topsoil, keeping crop yields high and the soil in good condition. When planted along streams and wetlands, they also prevent bank erosion and help keep the water stay clean. Soil conservation […]

What Is The First Ontario Tree To Bloom In Spring?

One of the best parts of spring is the blooming of trees, and these renewed colours are the perfect antidote for the winter blues. In Ontario, spring-blooming species begin “waking up” anywhere from mid-March through to about mid-June. Which species can you expect to see bloom first this spring?

What Are The Best Evergreen Shrubs?

Evergreen shrubs are some of the most versatile ornamental plants around. They look great next to a beautiful array of perennials, as privacy hedges, and even all by themselves on an empty lawn. These shrubs are also much less work than other plants!  Here are five of the best choices with their ideal uses!