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How Do You Save Money On Tree Removal?

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If a tree on your property poses a threat to your property or is dying or already dead, removing it could be the right solution. Whether the removal works with your budget is another story! Even if you have to work on limited funds, you can still get top-quality services. Here’s how you can save money when it’s time to remove trees from your property.

Confirm That You Need Tree Removal

Sometimes, a tree that looks like it’s dead or dying only needs care and attention. Before making any final decisions about its fate, schedule an expert assessment with an arborist. They might only need to do a tree pruning or apply an appropriate insect or disease treatment for the exact tree species or problem. Either way, you save money because the costs of saving a tree are less than the removal costs!


Schedule Tree Removal in the Off-Season

There are times during the year when tree removal companies are in higher demand. This means prices tend to be higher, too. When you determine a tree removal is necessary, ask the arborist if you can book the appointment when business is slower. In London, the busiest times are in late spring, summer and early fall.

Brockleytree-tree stump-clean up

Take Care Of The Clean-Up Yourself

To save money, you can choose to do the clean-up yourself. If you have the tree company leave the stump in place, you can rent a stump grinder and remove it yourself. (Renting this tool makes more sense if you 

have more than one stump to take out, or if you go in on a rental with your neighbour or friends who also have stumps.) Cutting the limbs and disposing of the branches yourself can also save you money. 

Cleaning up after tree removal can be a good weekend’s worth of work, and you’ll need special protective equipment and tools. But by doing it yourself, you can save on the final bill.


Consider Regular Certified Arborist Services

The best way to save money on tree removal is to keep the tree in good health. If you have a certified arborist come by to give your trees a regular check-up, they can find and solve problems before they affect the entire tree. By combining these seasonal evaluations with regular trimming, pruning, watering, and soil care, you won’t need to consider removal at all.


How Not To Save Money On Tree Removal: Doing It Yourself

Brockleytree-plant in money-not saving moneyYou might think that removing the tree yourself is the best way to save money. On the face of it, tree removal sounds easy, and that’s probably due to YouTube. All you need to do is rent some equipment, get a few buddies, watch a video, and you’ll be good to go, right? 


That’s not the best way to approach it! With the right tools, you can do some helpful tree-related procedures, like pruning, yourself. But removing a tree is dangerous work, especially if you don’t have any special training. Make one wrong cut and you could cause a lot of expensive property damage. 


Worse, if you don’t have the right knowledge or safety equipment, you could seriously injure yourself or someone else; this is especially true when a large tree is near power lines and other sensitive infrastructure. Tree removal companies have the right insurance coverage, but more importantly, they have the expertise that prevents damage in the first place!


When looking to save money on tree removal, the right call is to do what you can to protect and strengthen your tree; make sure that, when something is wrong, it gets an expert assessment before it’s felled; and to do some of the work, like the clean-up, yourself so that you don’t have to pay for every service. Whatever you choose, make the right decision by calling Brockley Tree, London’s best local tree service!