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Which Trees Are Good To Plant Within 15 Feet Of A House

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If your home has a yard, even if it’s small, you can grow a tree. It doesn’t matter if you want to grow fruit or beautify your landscaping – if you have 15 feet of space away from the foundation, you can have a tree planted! You just have to make sure that the tree you plant is the right species. 

Which Trees Are Good To Plant Near A Home?

One of the biggest dangers a tree poses to property is falling limbs. If they get too close to a window or the roof, a heavy tree branch tossed about by stormy weather can do some serious damage. But you should be concerned with more than just part of your home that is above ground; Some trees can even cause foundation damage when they pull enough moisture from the soil, causing the ground to shift and causing cracking. 

If you don’t have a ton of room on your property, the ideal scenario is a tree that won’t get too tall and heavy. You have a lot of great options when your yard space is more constrained or you don’t want the tree to encroach on a neighbour’s property.

Which Trees Are Good To Plant Without Harming The Foundation?

The following tree species are great for landscape ornamentation, and they can be planted in either the front yard or backyard. They won’t grow too tall and their root systems won’t have an impact on the foundation. 


Crabapple: This is a short, flowering tree that matures to a height of around 20 feet. They can be nice little trees, but their fruit can be a pain to clean up. It’s better suited for the backyard than the front.

Saucer Magnolias: The Saucer or Chinese magnolia is a popular hybrid for Canadian landscaping, and won’t grow an invasive root system that will harm the foundation. The white, pink, and/or purple blossoms of the Saucer magnolia tree are fleeting, but the beauty is incredibly worth it while it lasts!

Japanese Maple: A non-traditional maple varietal, also called the red emperor maple, that grows to a beautiful scarlet colour. It forms a domed canopy off of diverging trunks, and it rarely grows to 30 feet. This makes the Japanese maple an ideal choice for front yards and curbside planting.

Flowering Dogwood: The flowering dogwood grows to a maximum height of about 30 feet, making it ideal when you don’t have a lot of room to plant. It grows berries that are unpleasant to human taste buds but are absolutely beloved by birds, so if you love our avian friends, you’ll want to plant this type of tree.


You should look for trees that grow to a max height of 30 feet (roughly 10 metres). If a tree grows over 50 feet (more than 15 metres), it should be planted at least 30 feet away from the house. Reforestation is not just a good thing to do – it’s one way that every one of us can enhance the environment. If you understand and follow these easy measures outlined above you’ll be covered in green in no time! And of course, contact us to learn more.