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Five Safety Tips For Proper Tree Removal

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We like saving trees, but sometimes, it’s impossible. While we consider tree removal a last resort, we know it’s sometimes necessary. It’s also necessary, when undertaking either a tree or stump removal, to do it properly and safely.


If you want to undertake the process yourself, follow these basic safety guidelines. Know that tree removal isn’t as simple as owning a chainsaw and guessing where the tree will fall – it can be a complicated process, and should always be treated as such!


1. Inspect the tree before starting


If you need to remove the tree to make space for something else, or if it’s been infected by ash borers, keep reading. But if you think a removal is necessary because it’s dead, stop! Don’t be too rash in taking down the tree! It might look beyond redemption, but trees are complicated organisms, and removal should always be an action of last resort.


If you can’t tell whether the tree is still kickin’ or not, call a trained arborist to examine it and make the final diagnosis. The process might be as simple as cutting away a limb, or as big as crown removal, but you could still have a healthy tree on your property.

2. Make sure you have the right tree removal and personal protective equipment


Site foreman Terry Tallett holds onto a guide rope as he and Pete Scott wait for Ken Goodhand to cut the top of an infected ash tree down using a chainsaw in an Old South backyard in London, Ont. on Wednesday October 14, 2015.

Whether it’s a major tree removal or taking care of an easy stump, we would never begin a project without the proper equipment, and neither should you. Helmets, goggles, and sturdy work boots are just some of the crucial personal protective equipment (PPE).


Use safety gloves to protect your hands, ear plugs to protect your hearing, and a visible vest so that people can see that you’re working. Always try and do the work with another person – there’s safety in numbers.


3. Read all the directions for the equipment


If using heavy equipment to remove limbs, trees, or stumps, always read and follow the directions. Used improperly or with abandon, sharp equipment like chainsaws can pose a serious hazard. Even ill-fitting PPE can cause harm.


4. Know what not to do


You might have an idea of how you can easily, efficiently remove a tree, but it could be wrong. Your idea might not factor in the surrounding area or the physics of the job. How many of America’s Funniest Home Videos start with a man and a chainsaw?


Don’t ever, ever remove a grown tree with your truck; we also recommend not using a truck to remove a stump. Just don’t do it. Improper tree removal can not only damage your truck or other parts of your property, it could put you and others around in danger.


As well, if your tree is close to electric lines or buildings, leave the job to the experts. The risk is too great to your property and person, and you could damage your neighbourhood infrastructure.


5. If in doubt, call in an expert!


Like we said, if you’re close to electric lines or buildings, call us, but do so even if you’re not sure how to start. Tree removal is serious business, and one mistake could be expensive or even life-altering.


So if you need a tree removed, give Brockley Tree Service a call! We’re experts at diagnosing and coming up with a safe, efficient plan of action.