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For those in the tree protection business, safety equipment, good rigging, saw, and shears can be the most important pieces of equipment needed to protect and cure trees. On the outside, arboriculture is an occupation that might not look like it’s changed too much, but while the hard work might have stayed the same, the technology has made diagnosing and treating trees easier for us and you.

Tree defense technology doesn’t end with the pruning hook and a ladder; we use computers, too! While much of what arborists use can be fairly basic – we still often protect trees with burlap, for instance – there are new, high-tech tools that can make diagnosing problems simple for us, and even puts some of that ability into your hands.

Purdue Plant Doctor Tree Protection Apps

Is there a funny-looking fungus on the leaves of your tree, but you can’t seem to find an answer to your question? The Purdue Tree Doctor app might be exactly what you need! Developed by a team of experts at Purdue University, the Tree Doctor app can help the layperson better identify the problems caused by insects or diseases. By comparing a picture with over 1000 high-res photos, users will find detailed descriptions of what caused the damage, the stages of damage, and what tree protection services can be performed.

There are five different apps in Purdue University’s line, available for both iPhone and Android systems – your annual flowers, perennial flowers, turf, and tomatoes can also get a little help. With the Tree Doctor app, you are better able to diagnose the problem and communicate the situation to us. We’ll be able to figure a solution for your tree faster and easier when everyone is in the know!

Leafsnap: An Electronic Tree Protection Field Guide

Often times we see and appreciate a tree without actually knowing what it is. If there’s an issue, though, knowing the species of tree will help an arborist diagnose the problem. Teams from Columbia University, the University of Maryland, and the Smithsonian Institute put out Leafsnap, a free mobile app that uses visual recognition software to compare your photos with those in its collection. It’s a very basic tool (one that can’t compete with an arborist, of course!), but you can use it to get to learn the trees around you and relay to us the most information possible.

ArborPLUS Tree Protection Technology

Not generally for the layperson, this web-based program has become a staple for arborists everywhere. ArborPLUS is a program that enables arborists to get a top-down, bird’s-eye view of urban forests, while providing crucial historical data for every tree on the property. This allows us to get very specific information for each tree, including the species, height, a health rating, and GPS coordinates. It helps arborists understand the area in which they are working, catalogue the trees on client properties, and develop plans that got beyond a simple tree trimming or pruning.

Technology like this is important because it allows an arborist to accurately diagnose a tree quickly. Can it survive with a pruning and trimming, or, to guarantee the protection of trees nearby, will you consider tree removal as necessary? Being able to see the entire situation means we can look at how choices will affect whole areas instead of just one tree.

But there is also a lot of technology that also helps you become more acquainted with the trees on your property. Using apps to learn more about your trees will help you, in the long run, become more aware of when problems arise. If you notice anything alarming, call us! And of course, keep reading up on evaluating the health of your trees and your property.