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Ten Things To Consider When Choosing Your Tree Guy

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There is a lot you can do personally to help your trees, but sometimes they’re so far gone that you need to call in the big guns. Not literally, of course, but an expert that can diagnose the problem and do his or her best to keep the tree intact and looking like, well, a tree!

Choosing the right tree guy can mean healthy trees and a beautiful property; choosing the wrong one can mean a damaged tree and the need for a good arborist to clean it up. Here are ten things to consider when making a choice!

  1. What kind of solution are they offering?
    Are they saying the tree can be saved, or do they want to take the whole thing down? This is why it’s a good idea to ask around for solutions. Take pictures or figure out the exact problem yourself, ask questions, and gauge a response.
  2. How much will the work run you?
    You often get what you pay for, so don’t select the first guy offering a cheap-and-easy solution. All the work should be insured in case of a mishap, so don’t forget to bring this topic up.
  3. What are their credentials?
    Someone can’t just declare themselves an arborist. Arboriculture is a degree one can get from college or university program, and these courses usually include on-the-job training components. This is because even something that seems small and easy, like tree-trimming or pruning, takes a lot of professional experience! Make sure you know there is some certification to back up the claims.   
  4. How old are these credentials?
    A good tree service company will stay current on modern methods. Ask if they belong to an association like the International Society of Arboriculture, which can be a sign that they are up-to-date on all methodology.
  5. What are other people’s opinions?
    Don’t hesitate to ask around! Do some research and see what other people, be they in the industry or not, are saying. Ask for references from recent clients.
  6. Seriously, are they telling you to take down the whole tree?
    Tree removal is something that should be done only as a last resort. Even something like tree topping, the practice of removing large branches, trunks, and even whole tops of trees, should be met with a lot of wariness. If this is the solution offered, seek other opinions!
  7. How are they offering to do the work?
    Get everything in writing! Estimates, receipts, descriptions of the work – everything. If they’re just offering to do the job under the table… well, that’s a big red flag.
  8. How do they look?
    We know, never judge a book by its cover. It’s hard not to do this when picking a tree guy, but that’s good – you really should be judging by appearances. The health of your tree is very important, and you should choose a company that takes it seriously. This means your dealings with them are professional, their equipment is in good shape, all safety precautions are used, and you called them, not the other way around!  
  9. How are they explaining the job to you?
    Can they show you what they’re doing? Are they willing to walk you through the work they are about to do? A good arborist shouldn’t hold back any information from you and should be able to describe the problem to you in terms you can understand.
  10. Are you being rushed?
    A good tree guy is no bully. You should be able to take your time to come to a decision and ask for more advice. Just remember that your tree might not be able to wait!

Remember, Brockley Tree Service is your London and area certified tree professionals and we’re ready to offer our assistance in any season or tree care situation. Read more about tree care in our archives and stay tuned for lots more!