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Why You Might Need Tree Removal Services

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Trees are essential in our environment, as they beautify the surroundings, purify the air, and provide shade during warm weather conditions. However, sometimes they can pose a danger. A tree that appears healthy can suddenly become a hazard without warning and cause serious damage to people and property. In such circumstances, emergency tree removal services become necessary to mitigate the hazardous situation. Let’s discuss the reasons why you might need emergency tree removal services.

Storm damage:

Every year, thousands of trees in Ontario are destroyed or uprooted during storms, especially during the summer season. The damage can be extensive and make the tree dangerous and unstable, which is why emergency tree removal services are necessary. Even trees that appear stable can sustain injuries that compromise their structural integrity during a storm, and the removal of such trees should be done by professionals to avoid causing further damage to nearby property.

Tree disease:

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Just like us, trees can get sick too. Some diseases can make them weak, susceptible to breaking or leaning. Disease-infested trees can compromise the safety of a property, and emergency tree removal services become necessary. Some of the critical tree diseases that can lead to emergency removal include Oak Wilt, Dutch elm, and Emerald Ash Borer.

Property damage:

Trees can cause severe damage to property during various circumstances, such as falling branches or trunks. Emergency tree removal services may be needed if a tree poses a risk to nearby buildings, cars, or power lines. If the tree is not removed urgently, it can lead to significant property damage or injury.

Tree Leaning:

If you notice a tree leaning in a specific direction, it could indicate a structural problem that can cause the tree to fall. You should not attempt to remove the tree yourself, as it can be challenging to predict how it will fall. An emergency tree removal service should be contacted to assess the tree’s situation and recommend the best approach to its removal.

Overgrown trees:

Trees that are too large or overgrown may be a risk to the surrounding area. For instance, they may interfere with power lines, which can cause a power outage, or their large size could block traffic. An emergency tree removal service can assist in identifying the best course of action, whether to have tree removed or trimmed.
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In summary, tree removal can be a challenging and complex task that requires a professional tree service company. If you notice signs indicating danger, such as leaning, broken limbs, or disease, you should not hesitate to call for emergency tree removal. Taking prompt action can prevent damage to property and avert potential injury or fatalities. Get professional help to remove the hazardous tree safely and quickly, and protect your property and loved ones.