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Tree Trimming: Special Care for Your Trees

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Tree trimming?  Yes, it IS necessary.  Unless you operate an orchard, you might think the trees on your property don’t need your help. They grew to towering heights without your help, so there’s no need to take care of them, right?

Not true! A tree might be a living thing that grew without your help, but it will definitely need your help to stay healthy and grow properly. A good tree trimming not only has aesthetic benefits – it can benefit your tree and your safety, too.

tree trimming

Tree Trimming Improves Your Tree’s Health

A tree is an intricate organism, and its many leaves and branches make it ripe for infection and disease. Trimming prevents infections on branches from spreading to the entire tree. Removing dead or dying branches is also important to stop the spread of decay, prevent insects and other organisms from spreading into the tree, and promote new growth.

A dense canopy can also prevent sunlight and air from getting through to the inner branches, making disease more likely. A professional tree crown thinning or reduction can prune away dense foliage strategically so that all parts of the tree get healthy amounts of sun and air.

More light to the center of the tree also helps with fruit production! If you’re nurturing a fruit tree on your property, pruning in late winter is crucial for a bumper crop come summer.

Tree Trimming Improves Your Tree’s Appearance

A tree, left to its own devices, can grow into strange, off-center, and unappealing shapes that make it look like your property has been abandoned. It doesn’t take all that much, either: if one erratic branch is left to grow, it can take the tree in a different direction and ruin its natural-looking shape.

Trimming lets the property owner control the shape and make it most desirable. It will reduce the tree’s size, make it manageable for the future, and allow more light to get onto the property.

Tree Trimming Keeps You Safe

trimming shrubs

Tree trimming can also make your property safer. Those dead branches we discussed? They are the ones that will fall as soon as a moderate wind or rain comes through your area. They can pose a threat to your house, your vehicles, and even your life.

A proper trim can deal with low growth, dying branches, and encroachment onto sidewalks, walkways, and houses, while strengthening the structure of the tree. Pruning services like tree crown thinning can prevent the tree’s height from getting unmanageable and keep large, heavy branches from falling onto sensitive areas like roofs and roads. Removal of weak crotches early can also eliminate future hazards.

Pruning and trimming is a heavy job that requires a lot of equipment, safety gear, and knowledge about tree biology. It can be a very dangerous job and done improperly, it can ruin the look and health of the tree. Professionals know which branches should come off and what pruning will do to the overall health and shape of the tree. No branches should be excised without a purpose!