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Storm Season – The Clean-Up That Follows

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There’s only so much you can do in keeping your house and property safe from falling limbs. After all, a tree is a living thing, and a mighty impressive one at that. This is why it’s not uncommon for property owners to dread any heavy rain, ice storm, or powerful wind that come through the area.


When violent weather blows through your neighbourhood, there’s not a whole lot you can do while wind buffets the limbs and branches of your trees. But if you’re prepared, and know the conditions of your tree, you could minimize the damage when the storm is over!


Pre-Storm Plansfrozen tree


Tree limbs can be a serious problem, posing a safety hazard to you and your property. During winter storms, heavy ice accumulation combined with winds can make even the toughest, thickest branches into projectiles that can easily fall on vehicles, houses, and people. The high winds and drenching rain characteristic of summer storms can mean uprooted trees, too, as the soil becomes too loose and saturated to contain the root system. Even if you think a tree is far away from your home or car, it’s easy to misjudge the height and be left with seriously damaged property.


The best way to prevent falling limbs and the damage that comes with them is to assess the tree during clear weather. There’s a lot you can do beforehand to make sure your tree is healthy and that the hazardous branches are removed ahead of time, so that post-storm cleanup doesn’t become a massive job.


Your pre-storm plan should come in the early spring or fall, when storm season (at least in Canada) is at its lowest. That’s not to say that powerful storms can’t happen year-round, but during summer and winter, the weather can be at its most vicious.


Tree TrimmingTending Your Trees


While it’s impossible to prevent damage to trees and property during storms, you should do everything you can to prepare for the worst. Check for any weak spots, dead limbs, and damage done by insect and disease. If you’re having trouble seeing anything, call in someone with a trained eye to have a look.


There are certain, common procedures that can take care of any weaknesses or dead limbs. A climbing inspection can see whether braces or cables will be necessary to help strengthen the tree during high winds. Trimming and pruning can remove any dead or hanging limbs that might fall on houses and cars. A proper trim can also contain branches that get too close to wires – you don’t want your tree to be the reason you and your neighbours don’t have electricity during a storm!


In radical cases, tree removal might be necessary to rid your yard of dead or dying trees that can pose a threat. Before committing to it, call an arborist to inspect the tree, but don’t always trust them without evidence. Tree removal should only be done in certain situations.


Taking Care of Business


A proper inspection and trimming can mitigate the damage, but if the storm is powerful enough, the cleanup can still be a nasty job. Large branches with sharp ends can be a risk if you don’t have the proper equipment to deal with them. As well, having a company come in to remove and chip those branches can be quite expensive.


If you want to prevent the damage from getting too extensive, and you don’t have the tools to take care of it, trust Brockley Tree Service. Don’t expect London to be storm-free this summer – make a pre-storm plan and give us a call today!