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The Dangers of Large Tree Removal

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If you want a tree removed, it’s easy to think that you could do it yourself. But large tree removal isn’t a very easy job, and it’s almost always a hazardous one. The large limbs and thick trunk can cause serious damage during the removal process. The damage that you were probably hoping to avoid in taking down the tree in the first place.

Here are some things to consider before completing large tree removal on your property, and why you should just call an arborist to do it for you!

Common Hazards 

large tree removal

Before considering taking down the tree, consider the hazards that come with the job. It’s not for nothing that tree removal is one of the most dangerous urban jobs.

  • Power Lines: If you cause your tree to fall the wrong way, or your equipment accidentally touch any power lines, the best you can hope for is causing a blackout. You risk serious injury to yourself, your property, and your neighbourhood by making even one error around live electricity.
  • Your Equipment: The right protective and removal equipment is expensive, but even if you have the right equipment, you have to know how to use it properly. It takes time to get used to any chainsaws, harnesses, cranes, or chippers you’ll need to remove the tree. Removing a large tree is not the place to teach yourself. Improperly use these tools and… well, you can use your imagination.
  • Your Technique: Improper use of tools is one thing, but making wrong decisions when taking down the tree can cause injuries just as easily. You’ve got to understand the tree, how to remove the various parts, and how gravity is going to work.
  • The Tree Itself: You’re probably taking down the large tree because it’s taking up too much space, or poses a danger to your house or property. But it can also have a lot of weaknesses of which you are not aware – diseased or bug-infested limbs, decayed wood, and natural weaknesses caused by wind or water don’t always make themselves known.

The removal of a tree can be best described, in paraphrasing Donald Rumsfeld, as having a lot of “known unknowns.” There is a way to reduce them to known knowns, though: hire a trained professional!

Why Call an Arborist

large tree removalWhen a large tree needs to be removed, the safest choice is to call a tree removal service. Calling an arborist not only reduces the threats to you by taking the you out of the tree-removal equation, it saves your property from any unexpected damages, it saves you a lot of time and money having to buy or rent equipment, and it saves you from having to acquire and learn how to use equipment you’ll never have to use again.


More importantly, it means you don’t have to become a professional yourself overnight. Trees are complex organisms. While you can teach yourself the signs of a damaged or dying tree, you can’t learn everything. A trained arborist can look at the tree and see the safest course for its removal. On top of all the aforementioned things you’re saving, you’re saving yourself a gigantic headache.


So if you need large tree removal, don’t try and remove it yourself. Hire us instead! We’ll take matters into our own trained, professional hands. Call us today!