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How Do You Deep Root Fertilize A Tree?

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Fertilizing gives trees a nutrient boost, making them stronger and more prepared to withstand natural stressors like pests, diseases, and inclement weather. However, it can take some time for surface fertilization to affect the extensive root system. This is why deep root fertilization is so important, especially in the spring.

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?fertilize deep tree roots - brockley tree

Deep root fertilization is the process of pumping fertilizer deep into the soil beneath a tree, about 30 centimetres down. This nutrient-rich injection, which includes nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, is performed in a grid pattern around the tree so that every part of the root system is impacted. 

Deep root fertilization provides beneficial nutrients right to the roots of the tree. It’s especially helpful for trees that aren’t growing well. Even if the trees look healthy, though, this injection can also be performed as preventative maintenance, especially if you know that the soil is not very healthy or rich in nutrients.


Deep Root Fertilization Is Important In Cities

This treatment is very important in urban areas. City properties can be poorly drained, and often don’t have thick, dense foliage that dies and sheds like in a natural environment. This means that the soil does not get the nutrient recycling necessary to provide healthy conditions for trees and shrubs. The lack of detritus providing nutrients to the soil can hurt a tree’s ability to grow on dry, mostly grass-covered property.

Deep root fertilization can deliver the nutrients the soil could be lacking right to the roots. It usually includes the major ones mentioned above, but also micronutrients such as manganese, zinc, and iron. While these aren’t used in the same amounts as nutrients such as nitrogen, they are still very important and can be lacking in soil that doesn’t get proper nutrient recycling. The deep injections make the nutrients more available to the tree, giving it a boost to start the growing season on the right track.


When Should Deep Root Fertilization Take Place?

tree roots fertilize - brockley treeThe best time to apply the deep root fertilization is in the springtime. During this season, the roots take the nutrients from the soil and apply them to important health-promoting functions like root development and disease resistance, instead of just fueling new growth.

Deep root fertilization requires specialized equipment, and you should trust this nutritive process to professionals who have experience in this area for the best results and maximum safety, Getting it right involves determining the length and width of the root system, the type of fertilizer needed, and a knowledge of local soil types, drainage, irrigation and other necessities. Good equipment will also aerate the soil as a side benefit, using the hydraulic pressure that injects the fertilizer into the ground!

The Brockley Tree Service team of experts can gauge the variables specific to the tree and your property, including species, age, health, location, weather, soil and stress conditions. These will all factor into the fertilizer formula that is developed for your tree, helping it grow as strong as possible in your specific conditions.