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Do Electric Companies Trim Trees?

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Electric companies around the province do make tree trimming a priority. They trim treetops and remove branches to protect the infrastructure and maintain electric reliability for their customers. However, most of them do not take care of trees that grow on private property if they don’t come close to power lines.

When Will The Electric Company Trim Trees?

bird on electric pole - brockley treeOne of the main causes of power outages is falling tree limbs. Whenever age or the weather hurt the tree, broken branches can damage wires, cause short circuits, and create other issues. It also creates a potential danger for you and your property, one that routine tree trimming prevents. The local power company can trim the tree if it’s within 10 feet of a wire that will affect the distribution of power through your community. 

Electric companies will come out almost immediately if there’s an emergency. If vegetation is growing dangerously close to electricity lines, members of the public can request a tree trimming, even if the tree isn’t on their property. This helps manage the issue safely and ensures that the causes no power disruptions or harm.

electric distribution - brockley treeIf there isn’t an emergency, companies like Hydro One do offer tree trimming services on public property. If the tree isn’t close to public wires and grows on private property, though, trimming becomes the responsibility of the customer. A qualified contractor or arborist should do the work. You can contact the power company to disconnect your electrical service during the trimming to keep everything safe.

Many municipal crews work to keep trees that are near power lines pruned on a regular cycle. They’ll trim trees a certain distance away from the power lines to allow for growth until the trees enter the next cycle. The companies focus more on protecting power lines than trees, though. By contacting a tree trimming specialist, you can avoid having your trees trimmed in a way that takes their growth into account.


How You Can Avoid Having Your Trees Trimmed By The Power Company?

electric grid - brockley treeEven if the tree is encroaching on the power supply, you might not want to leave it in the hands of the hydro company. The best way to avoid having an electric company trim your trees is to keep them well-managed. By trimming new growth and directing it away from power lines, you can stop the interference with power lines and keep it growing healthy and strong.

Proper planning is also important in avoiding potential intrusions on power lines. Any new trees planted on your property should be located in spots where they won’t interfere with power lines. An arborist can pick the right location for the tree you want, helping you avoid problems as it grows!