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What Does Conservation Deadwooding Mean?

Arborists are important for diagnosing dead tissue on a tree and expertly pruning it away. While removing dead or diseased limbs sounds like common sense, average people can’t always tell what dying wood looks like until it’s too late. It’s a job that takes a keen eye, especially when people are concerned about the conservation […]

The Top 10 Firewood Choices For Winter

While Brockley works to keep trees alive, we also understand the need for them in your home’s wood-burning stove or fireplace. What firewood should you be burning as fuel during winter? What you choose can make a big difference because not all trees burn the same, and not all wood is ready to burn!

Does Insurance Pay For Tree Removal?

It’s not a Canadian winter without snow, ice, harsh winds, and (unfortunately) falling trees. While they often take down power lines and slow down commutes, the worst broken tree limbs can do is cause damage to personal property. You might think that you’re automatically covered by your insurance company, but that’s not always the case. […]

Do Electric Companies Trim Trees?

Electric companies around the province do make tree trimming a priority. They trim treetops and remove branches to protect the infrastructure and maintain electric reliability for their customers. However, most of them do not take care of trees that grow on private property if they don’t come close to power lines.