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5 Reasons NOT To Cut Down Your Own Tree

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Many people think cutting down a tree is easy, a task they can do themselves. For safety, cost, and even on behalf of the tree itself, we strongly advise against doing this! Here are five reasons why it’s better to have a professional cut down a tree than making it a DIY job.


It Can Be A Dangerous Job


Tree removal is a dangerous task, and professionals know that the most important consideration is safety. The equipment needed to do the job – chainsaws, cranes, cables, lifts, wood chippers, stump grinders, etc. – can all be hazardous if the user doesn’t have experience with them. 

It’s not only the equipment, though! There’s the chance you’ll be struck by debris, fall from a tall height, take down live electrical wires, and or damage other dangerous structures such as gas lines.


Cutting Down A Tree Can Create A Huge Mess


cut down treeFew homeowners realize how big their tree actually is until it’s lying on their lawn in pieces. But getting it down is one step of many: you have to trim away branches, cut the canopy and trunk into appropriate lengths for transportation, dispose of the wood, and remove the stump. The task will require some heavy lifting equipment!

When talking to professional tree removal services, you will know if you have to clean up yourself. Good companies should include this in the quoted price.


You Might Be Able To Save The Tree


There are many good reasons to cut down a tree; most people want a tree gone when it grows too close to a building. You might think a damaged, diseased, or dead tree should come down, and that’s true, you might have to have it removed – but do you really know? 

Our advice is to not rush into the decision. If you’d like to keep the tree, an experienced arborist can make an accurate diagnosis. You may not have to cut it down at all, saving you a lot of time and money.


It Can Take A Lot Of Your Time


Amateurs make mistakes that make relatively simple tree removals long and frustrating. When errors bring the job of cutting down a tree to a halt, you may have to hire a professional to get the job done. You will pay more than if you’d gone with a tree removal service from the start. It’s a point that leads us to our final reason not to cut down your tree yourself: cost!


It’s Cheaper To Have Professionals Do The Job For You!


Many people think cutting down a tree themselves is a way to save money, but that’s not true. Buying or renting the specialized equipment and tools already drives up costs, not to mention all the safety equipment you need: goggles, work gloves, safety vests, and other personal protective equipment.

Then there’s the potential for damage to your or a neighbour’s lot. If you’re cutting down a tree in a sensitive area yourself, a tree falling the wrong way can cause a lot of property destruction. You might have to pay for the repair or replacement of fences, roofs, vehicles, or other expensive items if you’re not careful.

To avoid this liability, save yourself some time and money, and keep yourself safe from hazardous situations, don’t cut down a tree yourself. Bring in a professional team to get the job done!